Saturday, February 6, 2010

What does RESET mean?

The Federal Government has exceeded it's authorized limits. There is no desire by the bureaucrats or even the politicians to RETURN to the boundaries of the Constitution. Even attempts to make changes around the edges has become a major fight.

There is an alternative, it requires two things: a super majority of Americans demanding change BACK to Constitutional limits; and, a super majority willing to make change that disrupts the status quo.

The process has three steps:

1. All federal tax collections are suspended for 1 year. NO personal income or business income. No social security or medicare collections. All excise taxes suspended.

2. All non-essential federal government agencies, committees, organizations are suspended for 1 year; all employees put on furlough at 50% pay. Federal laboratories that are engaged in active research experiments associated with Constitutional authorities can continue, all others, despite the loss, get suspended.

3. All grants are suspended.

1. Only departments, committees, agencies and organizations under Constitutional authorities can be submitted for reauthorization.

2. Departments, committees, agencies and organizations beyond the Constitutional authorities are defunded and offered to the private sector.

3. Establishment of non-binding advisory organizations for nationally oriented efforts supported by private funding.

1. Establish necessary funding levels and taxation policies

2. Reauthorize allowed agencies and departments.

The entire process has to be done in 1 year. Approximate cost $1.5 trillion in lost revenue. NET loss? Depends on the amount of suspended expenditures.

I am looking for 10 people to assist with the evaluation.